Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

It is useless, useless, said the Philosopher. Life is useless, all useless.

(Ecclesiastes 1:2) Good News Translation

Einstein built on Newton’s work, he didn’t replace it or make it obsolete although that’s what atheist science trolls (ASTs), scientifically illiterate science worshipers (SISWs) and SciPop devotees believe.

In Newton’s day it was sufficient to say that gravity is a property of mass, but by the time of Einstein it was clear that the situation was more complicated than that. What is mass? If mass is the sum of all of the energy of a body, then two bodies with the same weight will have different mass if one of them is moving, because the kinetic energy of its motion has to be added to the total mass.

And then there’s space and time to consider. It’s not oversimplifying to say that Einstein fudged Newton to accommodate the new knowledge of sub atomic physics, but Newtonian Physics and Relativity are basically the same thing, at least, in terms of what they regard to be the cause of gravity, or lack thereof. According to Einstein (and therefore Newton), gravity has no cause, it’s a by-product of the existence of space-time.

We’re proposing that gravity was created, or initiated, on the second day which means that matter, space and time existed before gravity was created. This pulls the rug out from under relativity and makes its premise irrelevant. In fact, it gives us great pleasure to be announcing the death of relativity.


  1. Call upon the name of Jesus Christ,
    • believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,
  2. confess your sin.

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