General Relativity is Dead

Mass sinks in time, into stratified layers of sediment: a solid core on fire in the darkness, sunk in the shadow of death.

(Job 28:3) MP Technical Paraphrase

If God created gravity independently of matter, space, and time, but we can still account for all physical evidence and empirical observations, then we’ve refuted part of theoretical Physics.

Matter, space and time existed before God said “let light be” on the first day. Gravity was created on the second day. This has implications for everything that we think we know about Earth and the heavens that’s based on the work of Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, among others: the paradigm which you know of as popular science (SciPop).

By a totally staggering coincidence, at this time theoretical physics is on the verge of imploding because of fundamental disparities between general relativity (GR) and quantum mechanics (QM).

Quantum-gravity physicists attempt to reconcile two physical theories, quantum mechanics and general relativity. Quantum theory manifests on small length scales, such as atoms’ and electrons’. General relativity manifests in massive systems, such as the solar system. A few settings unite smallness with massiveness, such as black holes and the universe’s origin. Understanding these settings requires a unification of quantum theory and general relativity.

Nicole Yunger Halpern, Theoretical physics has not gone to the dogs

That’s a nice sentiment, but a unification of GR and QM is impossible. Quoting from above: “A few settings unite smallness with massiveness, such as black holes and the universe’s origin.” There’s a big problem here: neither black holes nor the universe’s origin are scientific facts, they’re paradigm-dependent.

What does paradigm-dependent mean? It’s anything which is only true within a chosen paradigm. If we define “fact” to be something which is true regardless of what we believe about science and the Bible, then anything which is paradigm-dependent can’t be a fact. If GR is paradigm-dependent but QM isn’t, then QM wins because it’s going to be the same regardless of what you believe about science and the Bible.

GR is theoretical and it’s based on a flawed understanding of the cause of gravity. It’s purpose is to be a mathematical rationalization of the premise of heliocentricity, but it does it so poorly that it predicts that 80-85% of the mass of the universe is missing. It got hopelessly lost in the geometry of despair.

The Geometry of Despair

It’s like the slough of despond in “A Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan.

– We blame geometry.

The missing mass is why black holes, dark matter, and dark energy had to be invented to make up the difference. The peer review propaganda machine has worked overtime to induce a rationalization of evidence to fit this narrative, including supposedly taking pictures of supposed black holes, but it’s an inductive rationalization of circumstantial evidence to fit the premise of black holes. None of this is decisive, the same evidence can be accounted for in other ways. The mass isn’t missing, it’s the firmament.

QM is empirical and it’s based on experimental data and physical evidence. It’s an extension of the rubber-meets-the-road practical science which has given us the iPhone. People have taken the overwhelming success of technology as proof that SciPop is right, without realizing that SciPop is a finely crafted blend of right and wrong.

If the problem with SciPop is the blending together of truth and error, then QM is truth and GR is error, it’s that simple. Everything that physics thinks it needs GR for is resolved in the Geocentrospheric system of Biblical gravitation, in such a way as to provide a platform to be able to build a theory of Biblical quantum gravity (BQG).

All you have to do to resolve the Bible with quantum gravity is accept that the universe has an absolute frame of reference. How hard can that be when it’s an empirical observation? Are you willing to believe what you can see with your own eyes?

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