Answering Secular Humanism

But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

(1 Peter 3:15) KJV

Answering secular humanists who insist that a good God and hell can’t coexist isn’t impossible, but it’s going to take some work. That’s why the gospel is so simple:


  1. Call upon the name of Jesus Christ,
    • believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,
  2. confess your sin.

However the mission is to reach everyone, even secular humanists who may have advanced degrees and/or a head full of atheist propaganda, so we’re going to lay out a plan for a way to bring them into a knowledge of the truth.

A Plan for Answering Secular Humanism

Who is God?

  • God existed before creation.
  • He desired companionship,
    • but only with those who would choose to be with him.
  • The problem was:
    • how to create sentient beings with free will?

The Holy Trinity (first cause and effect)

  1. God the Father, the first elemental particle, Hydrogen H+(Alpha)
  2. God the Holy Spirit, Omega Oxygen ΩO2- (Omega)
  3. God the Son, the fusion of these particles ΩOH (Alpha & Omega)
    • In the beginning the Son was God and was with God
    • ΩOH +H+ = H2O (the deep).

The Holy Trinity, particle

God the Fatherthe first elemental particleAlphaH+
God the Holy SpiritOmega OxygenOmegaΩO2-
God the SonHydroxylAlpha and OmegaΩOH
– Identities of the Holy Trinity.

The Holy Trinity, formulaic

In the beginning was the Wordand the Word was with Godand the Word was God
ΩOHΩOH +H+ = H2OH+ + ΩO2- = ΩOH
– John 1:1 as a chemical formula.

Free Will

  • If God is good and has no sin,
    • how can he create a system in which sin is possible?
    • people must be able to choose to be evil if they want.
  • Jesus Christ was sacrificed for the purpose of manifesting free will,

What is Creation?

  • Hydrogen (protons) in the deep were used in nucleosynthesis to create light and life,
    • It’s the origin of the CMBR.
  • When a proton emits light it becomes a neutron,
    • Neutrons have no light,
    • they’re darkness.
  • This form of matter,
    • atoms with nuclei containing protons and neutrons,
    • is inherently corrupt.
  • Light is excluded from the interior of large nuclei so darkness began to exist, even within the light.

Good and Evil

  • The purpose of creation is the permanent physical separation of light from darkness, good from evil.
  • The separation of light from darkness is accomplished by gravity.

Gravity of the Soul

  • Each human soul is a created instance of gravity.
  • We began our existence in the center of the Earth,
    • long before we were born,
    • the assembly of souls is the singularity at the center of creation.
  • Gravity caused,
    1. dark heavy particles to sink down and form the Earth, while
    2. light particles were displaced out to form the heavens, or firmament.
  • The history of Earth is the ongoing process of refinement by which light and dark, good and evil, will be brought to a permanent physical separation,
    • We get to choose light or dark.

The Fall and Decay

  • The fall of man in Genesis 3 caused nuclear decay to begin.
  • Heavy atomic weight atoms were concentrated in the core of the Earth,
    • it melted,
    • this was the beginning of hell,
    • hell is expanding, it’s the cause of global warming.

Hell is Real but God is Good

  • The choice we’re given is:
    • do we want to dwell in the light or the darkness?
  • Light is good and up, darkness is evil and down.
  • If we choose to believe in Jesus Christ we’re free from the effect of gravity and can escape the Earth.

We’ll lay out each section in it’s own post and compile as much scripture as possible to anchor every statement in Biblical doctrine. It’s big, but fortunately we can dramatically simplify this chain of causal factors:

Why did God create the universe?
The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything:

God created the universe so that sentient beings with free will could make a choice between light or darkness, life or death.

The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

House of Serenity

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A cure for the plague

  • Accept Jesus Christ as your savior,
    • confess your sin.
  • On your knees,
    • put your head to the ground (if you can)
    • chant the name Jesus, Jesus, Jesus….
      • until you feel a burning sensation in the affected area
    • flush the affected area with cold water, no soap
    • dry the affected area with a clean towel
    • get some rest.
  • Repeat as needed.

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