Cooler and Drier Climates

My brothers have dealt deceitfully like a brook, Like the streams of the brooks that pass away, Which are dark because of the ice, And into which the snow vanishes. When it is warm, they cease to flow; When it is hot, they vanish from their place.

(Job 6:15-16) NKJV

The paleoenvironments of Periods of the geological timescale are dependent on warm climates, humidity and increased precipitation when they represent the erosion, transportation and deposition of sediment.

The Permian is distinctly different as it serves as a collection point for several kinds of inconvenient truth which can’t easily be plugged in anywhere else. As such there’s no need to invoke a cycle of increased evaporation and precipitation.

Cooler and drier climates” is letting us know that at some point the rain stopped falling and the flood subsided. That was when the sedimentary deposits dried out, solidified and lithified (became rock).

The Permian is used to do a couple of things which is why it’s out of context and being used to induce a context. In the narrative of the flood we’re still in the inundation phase which is the 40 days and nights of rain. In the popular science narrative of godless existence (SciPop) they need to take a break and patch some holes. It’s strategic, and it includes two tactics.

  1. Uplift in Appalachian Geosyncline:
    • The SciPop narrative conflates Noah’s flood with Peleg’s tectonics.
  2. Extensive Glaciation in Southern Hemisphere:
    • All evidence of equatorial glaciation is assigned to a period millions of years before the “recent” ice age to make it look like they aren’t the same thing.

Permian – Navigation

1PermianJohn 15:13
The Galen Urso TypeJohn 10:11
2Cooler and Drier ClimatesJob 6:15-16
Uplift in Appalachian GeosynclineNahum 1:5
Extensive Glaciation in Southern HemisphereJob 38:29-30
Voltziales and GlossopteridsPsalms 147:17
3PaleodoublespeakIsaiah 5:20
SalvationRomans 10:9-10
– Navigate your way around the Permian.

August 12th – Permian

The Appalachian mountains formed after the sediments they’re made of were deposited, that’s simple logic and an acknowledgment of cause and effect.

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