Wisdom is Pure Protons

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.

(James 3:17) ESV

When we look at the phrase the wisdom from above is first pure in Greek we see the occurrence of the word proton, which means first. We’ve drawn together the context of in the beginning with above.

That incorporates orientation and frame of reference.

Sophia Proton, Greek

GreekἩ δὲ ἄνωθεν σοφία πρῶτον μὲν ἁγνή ἐστιν
TransliterationHē de anōthen sophia prōton men hagnē estin
InterlinearBut the from above wisdom first indeed pure is

Before, at the beginning: πρῶτον – próton

  • before, at the beginning
  • first, in the first place, before, formerly.
  • Neuter of protos as adverb (with or without ho);
    • firstly (in time, place, order, or importance)
    • before, at the beginning, chiefly (at, at the) first (of all).

Clearly the definition of the Greek word proton is the reason why it was chosen by scientists to describe the first or most elementary particle that could be identified (before particle accelerators) which is Hydrogen.

Proton: a stable subatomic particle occurring in all atomic nuclei, with a positive electric charge equal in magnitude to that of an electron, but of opposite sign.

– Proton, definition

However, the Holy Spirit has been at work throughout the ages. According to Hypothesis 22 we know that He’s been leaving accurate physics in plain sight where no one will notice. Can we be so brazen as to take the word proton as its modern meaning, the Hydrogen nuclei, and see how this plays out through the rest of scripture?

Pure Wisdom is a Proton

  • Wisdom first indeed pure is
    1. Pure wisdom is a proton?
    2. Wisdom is pure protons?

This is the beginning of the Sophia Proton thought experiment. It gets a little spooky. It allows us to resolve the Holy Trinity as a chemical formula which gives us plan for the particle physics of the universe.

The Holy Trinity, particle

God the Fatherthe first elemental particleAlphaH+
God the Holy SpiritOmega OxygenOmegaΩO2-
God the SonHydroxylAlpha and OmegaΩOH
– Identities of the Holy Trinity.

The Holy Trinity, cause and effect

  1. God the Father, the first elemental particle, Hydrogen H+(Alpha)
  2. God the Holy Spirit, Omega Oxygen ΩO2- (Omega)
  3. God the Son, the fusion of these particles ΩOH (Alpha & Omega)
    • In the beginning the Son was God and was with God
    • ΩOH +H+ = H2O (the deep).

The Holy Trinity, formulaic

In the beginning was the Wordand the Word was with Godand the Word was God
ΩOHΩOH +H+ = H2OH+ + ΩO2- = ΩOH
– John 1:1 as a chemical formula.

Where did you get here from?
1Sophia Proton – σοφία πρῶτον
2January 7th – Sophia Proton
3December 2nd – I Make all Things New
– Navigate your way back to where you came from.

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