June 23rd

Jesus’ Law of Thermodynamics 2

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

(Romans 10:17) KJV

Preaching the Word of God is a form of energy which has the potential to transform a soul from being dead to being alive (quickened). The sound of the preaching (energy) acts through the spirit of the listener.

Jesus had a hard time teaching physics 2,000 years ago. Now, though, we (that’s me and the Holy spirit) have the frame of reference to understand what he was talking about: energy transformation. Yesterday we found Jesus telling a crowd that he is the bread from heaven. They were pretty confused. The thing is, from a thermodynamic perspective, Jesus was being accurate.

We all have the same evidence. Our choice of paradigm determines what we think it’s evidence of.

Matty’s Razor

We’ve laid out the elements of the gospel and noted equivalences where different phrases are used to refer to the same concept in the post the physics of Christianity. We assigned terms and symbols to the concepts in the simplest and most logical way possible. We can do something similar with today’s passage.

Here’s what yesterday’s post looks like as a series of logic statements:

Jesus and Energy Transformation

  • IF the food (F) from heaven endures (q) rather than perishes (c),
    • AND eating (E) the bread from heaven (E*Fq) gives you ever lasting life (q)
      • THEN E*Fq = q
  • IF believing (B) in Jesus Christ (q) is what gives salvation (q)
    • THEN B = q
      • BUT faith (B) comes by hearing (h), and hearing (h) by the Word of God (W)
        • THEN Wh*B = q
  • IF Jesus (q) is the Word of God (W)
    • AND Jesus’ words (W) are what give everlasting life (Wh = q)
      • THEN Jesus’ words are the bread from heaven (Wh = Fq)
        • AND eating (E) and believing (B) are the same thing.

We assigned terms and symbols to the concepts in the simplest and most logical way possible. Some of you will think that this is absurd or utterly ridiculous. Some of you will think that it’s silly and arbitrary. We (that’s me and the Holy spirit) won’t waver in our determination to understand this.

Faith is believing in something that you can’t see, because of evidence.

– Faith, definition

Gospel Physics Terminology

SHoly Spirit
qquickening, life, enduring, everlasting life, Jesus Christ
ccorruption, perishing
Bbelieving, faith
Fqfood from heaven (endures), bread of life, living bread
Fcfood which perishes
Wword of God, preaching, sound, vibration
– Symbols and terms we’re using to help understand the Physics of the Gospel.

The reason for creation is the manifestation of sentient life with free will.

– The Reason for Creation

The Bread of Life

And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.

(John 6:35) NKJV

Jesus teaches Physics in John 6. In Part 1 we got to verse 33. Verse 35 is another bold claim which, by understanding the physics of energy and matter, we can see is physically accurate.

Jesus tells the people that he’s the bread of life. That’s the gospel: if we believe in Jesus Christ then we will life forever. He’s putting it in terms that they can understand, the problem is, they just don’t understand.

If we believe in Jesus Christ then we will go to heaven where there’s the tree of life and a river of the water of life. As you may well imagine, the people who were listening to Jesus couldn’t make any sense of what he was saying.

The Jews then complained about Him, because He said, “I am the bread which came down from heaven.”

(John 6:41) NKJV

Jesus words are the bread from heaven that quickens us and gives us everlasting life if we believe. But what are words? Words are sound, a vibration of the air, a form of energy which can act upon the soul through the spirit.

Jesus’ Law of Thermodynamics 2 – Navigation

1IntroductionRomans 10:17
2Gospel Physics TerminologyLeviticus 19:36
3The Bread of LifeJohn 6:35
John 6:41
4Are You Being Drawn?John 6:43-46
James 1:14
5The Living BreadJohn 6:47-51, 52
6Eat My Flesh and Drink My BloodJohn 6:53-58, 66
7You Have the Words of Eternal LifeJohn 6:67-69
8The Foolishness of Preaching1 Corinthians 1:21
Romans 10:14
9SalvationRomans 10:9-10
– Navigate your way around Jesus’ law of thermodynamics.


  1. Call upon the name of Jesus Christ,
    • believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,
  2. confess your sin.

Read through the Bible in a year

Reading planJune 23
LinearPsalms 96-98
Chronological1 Kings 12-14
– Read 3 chapters every day and 5 chapters on Sundays

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