February 4th

To Sink, Sank

Through sloth the roof sinks in, and through indolence the house leaks.

(Ecclesiastes 10:18) ESV

We (that’s me and the Holy spirit) connect the phrases “established the world” and “set fast the mountains” with sinking down. This is the second Hebrew word for gravity in the context of the second day of creation.

We charged around like a bull in the China Shop of theoretical physics and wrecked whatever needed to be wrecked. We should be even-handed and go into the sacred tabernacle of theology and wreck it too. We’re going to go digging for gravity with Hypothesis 21.

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 21

  • IF the initial ordering of creation was the inception of gravity,
    • AND this caused the deep to change from formless to spherical,
  • THEN the concept of gravity will occur in scripture in the context of the 2nd day.

Mine hand also hath laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand hath spanned the heavens: when I call unto them, they stand up together.

(Isaiah 48:13) KJV

He hath made the earth by his power, he hath established the world by his wisdom, and hath stretched out the heavens by his discretion.

(Jeremiah 10:12, 51:15) KJV

We’re deducing a Biblical theory of gravity so let’s use this frame of mind to examine the Hebrew words used in the narrative of the second day. We’re going to bring out the meaning of the words rather than attempt to impute one to them. This is called exegesis. The passage above from Jeremiah refers to stretched out the heavens in context with hath established the world. This type of verse is an example of the Hebrew couplet. Isaiah uses the phrase stretched forth the heavens in context with laid the foundations of the earth.

  • IF Jeremiah and Isaiah are using couplets,
    • AND the two parts of the couplet are related by form and content,
  • THEN established the world and laid the foundations of the earth are equivalent.

We need to tabulate some couplets so that we can see all of the different words which have been used to refer to these concepts. There are at least 8 verses which are couplets that show us synchronicity between the foundation of the world and stretching out the heavens.

The Creative Act of the 2nd Day

1the work of thy handsPsalms 102:25
2established the heavensProverbs 3:19
3prepared the heavensProverbs 8:27
4spanned the heavensIsaiah 48:13
5stretched forth the heavensIsaiah 51:13
6plant the heavensIsaiah 51:16
7stretched out the heavensJeremiah 10:12, 51:15
8stretcheth forth the heavensZechariah 12:1
1laid the foundation of the earthPsalms 102:25
2founded the earthProverbs 3:19
3set a compass on the face of the depthProverbs 8:27
4laid the foundation of the earthIsaiah 48:13
5laid the foundations of the earthIsaiah 51:13
6lay the foundations of the earthIsaiah 51:16
7established the worldJeremiah 10:12, 51:15
8layeth the foundation of the earthZechariah 12:1

Now we need to fix a spellyng mystaque. We’ve discovered, and can define, a new word. We found this word under an obsolete root for water. The alphabetical placement for it is under a root, makak, that means to sink. Given our context, the creation of a gravitational singularity in the midst of the deep on the second day, the word means to sink, in water. This is a second Hebrew word for gravity. We’re accumulating them. The development of the idea that the ancient Hebrews had a concept of what gravity is is summarized in the post the Hebrew for gravity.

In today’s featured verse, Ecclesiastes 10:18, our concept of gravity is translated as sinks in, and is illustrated by the idea that things fall down. It’s pictured for us as the house of a lazy man being so neglected that the roof falls in. Water is dropping through the fallen roof.

To Sink, Sank – Navigation

1To Sink, SankEcclesiastes 10:18
2The Hebrew CoupletIsaiah 48:13
3To sink, sank: יִמַּ֣ךְ – makakEcclesiastes 10:18
4A Spellyng MystaqueJeremiah 10:12, 51:15
5The Hebrew for Gravity2 Corinthians 2:10
SalvationRomans 10:9-10
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Read through the Bible in a year

Reading planFebruary 4
LinearLeviticus 23-25
ChronologicalExodus 16-18
– Read 3 chapters every day and 5 chapters on Sundays

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