Should I Apologize?

And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.

(Luke 24:27) ESV

We’ve been writing about the scientific validity of the Bible and the error inherent in modern scientific thought for many years. We’ve been working independently so it was a long time before we knew that it’s a branch of Christian apologetics.

This name is confusing. We know its technical meaning. However, we want to tell you what it means to us: We think that we should apologize.

  1. We apologize that you’re going to hell if you don’t repent and accept Jesus Christ as your savior (I don’t make the rules).
  2. We apologize that the modern scientific explanation of human origins (popular science) is a fake designed to condemn you to hell.
  3. We apologize for trying to save you from eternal torment.
  4. We apologize that the scientific method has been meticulously constructed for the express purpose of keeping you in spiritual darkness.
  5. We apologize that it’s impossible to find the truth using the scientific method.
  6. We apologize for destroying popular science (SciPop) with simple logic.
  7. We apologize for attacking the assumption underlying the gravitational constant G and variable g, and showing that is an assumption based on circumstantial evidence.
  8. We apologize that by changing how we understand the causal link between matter and gravity theoretical physics has a critical error but science is intact and the Bible is true.
  9. We apologize that everyone thinks that Galileo and the mind pirates: Kepler, Newton and Einstein; proved heliocentricity. They didn’t.
  10. We apologize that proving heliocentricity using stellar parallax is an example of circular reasoning.
  11. We apologize that distant suns and galaxies are figments of the geometry of despair.
  12. We apologize that Stephen Hawking used science to validate SciFi, but that’s definitely not our fault.
  13. We apologize that the decay constant isn’t constant, which is why there’s a real hell at the center of the Earth.
  14. We apologize for showing you that even though the process of evolution can account for the distribution of biodiversity on Earth, it’s not the origin of humanity.
  15. We apologize that science has a dual nature, and just because you can have an iPhone doesn’t mean that you aren’t in danger of hell.
  16. We apologize for attacking the SciPop paradigm, instead of just apologizing for mine.
  17. We apologize for having fun while we’re doing it.

If our ministry in any way contributes to your conversion and you repent and put your faith in Jesus Christ then, when we see you in heaven, don’t expect us to apologize.

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