Serpent vs. Snake

There weren't any snakes before the fall of man. It's a logical conclusion which is deduced by the application of cause and effect, logic and reason. Look at it this way, you can’t curse a snake to be limbless, it already is.

The Fall is Coming

Something has to happen which changes an intelligent bipedal reptilian humanoid into a limbless snake. This happens in the context of changing the Earth from its newly created very good state into its cursed state.

A Talking Snake?

We can conclude that Eve had a conversation with a bipedal reptilian humanoid, not a snake. It's described as subtle. This was a highly intelligent sentient being with mastery of language and nuance.

Good for Food

Here's a Christian-bait question: *IF Adam had fruit to eat in the garden of Eden, *AND the other animals were all herbivores, *THEN why do snakes have venomous fangs? We'll show you how to handle it.

July 6th

Hell had previously been prepared for Satan and the rebellious angels who were cast out of heaven, but hell began at the fall of man. This means that it's impossible for Satan to have been in the garden of Eden to beguile Eve.

July 1st

The fall of man was an effect. The cause was disobedience. We're going to develop a coherent narrative around the harmonization of scripture with science because we understand the relationship between cause and effect.

May 11th

There’s mythological creature which, it turns out, isn’t mythological. The Cockatrice appears in a couplet with Asp, so they’re equivalent, and this gives us its classification as a Serpent.

May 9th

We have a closed loop which shows us that a variety of words refer to the same idea: Serpents are a suborder in the Class of Reptiles, and there are different kinds of Serpent.