Matty's Paradigm is huge and complex, but don't worry, it's not necessary for salvation. What you believe about the Bible and science doesn't effect salvation. There's no quiz or exam.

December 23rd

Among the conclusions which have been deduced during the writing of Matty's Paradigm are the identities of Alpha and Omega, the elemental spirits who occupied the universe before creation: God as Elohim.

January 8th

We can deduce that the Holy Spirit is Omega Oxygen (ΩO2-) an atomic nuclei with atomic number and atomic weight 8. It is not made of protons and neutrons, it simply is. It is unknown to science.

January 1st

A high-magnification water splash

Welcome to WHY? A year-long daily devotional. We’ll use the testimony of scripture, physical evidence and empirical observations to solve the riddle: WHY did God create the universe?