Established Forever

Is the Earth established forever or is it going to pass away? So which is it? We have statements which appear to be contradictory. If the foundation of the earth is a gravitational singularity this is easily resolved.

Outer Darkness

Outer darkness is only referred to three times in scripture, but by using context we can establish what and where it is. The easiest thing to take for context is the gnashing of teeth, which occurs nine times in the Bible.

July 4th

Matty's Paradigm a unified theory of everything

The fall of man and the corrupted state of creation aren't the same thing. The universe had to be created in a corrupted state so that the fall of man could take place.

February 10th

a drawing compass and the creation of gravity on the second day

A gravitational singularity was established forever: it formed the foundation of the first heaven and earth; it will be the foundation of the new heaven and earth. It shall not be removed.

December 1st

We refer to the life which comes after this one as "heaven" because we haven't paid attention to what the text says. We will eventually live in a new Jerusalem at the the location presently occupied by our earth.

November 2nd

The Millennial Kingdom is what the Old Testament prophets referred to as "a new heavens and a new Earth," but it's not the new heavens and new Earth that John describes in Revelation chapters 21-22.