Upholding all Things

If you want to deny God, then God isn't going to stop you. In fact, if you want to reject the truth then the Bible tells us how you will end up: with a mind which cannot comprehend the truth.

Be Ready Always

Is there any point trying to reason with people whose worldview depends on the denial of cause? And, if they can't comprehend cause and effect does that mean that they have a reprobate mind?

Reprobate Mind

We (most of us anyway) have a conscience. When we do something wrong we feel bad about it. We may even fear the consequences of what we've done, karma, coming back on us because we reap what we sow.


Atheist science trolls (ASTs) pull apparently random stuff out of thin air in their eagerness to mock people of faith, but there are some recognizable patterns. One of them is to invoke a nonentity called Nonunicornism.

Cause and Effect

Understanding cause and effect, logic and reason, is critical in successfully deducing how the Bible can account for all of the physical evidence and empirical observations of the universe.

Their Eyes Were Opened

Adam & Eve were held responsible for their disobedience, but the fallen state of creation is part of the plan of redemption which is what the universe was created for, so how is it Adam and Eve’s fault?

October 27th

Abiogenesis took place over the six days of creation, it produced fully formed Homo sapiens, evolution is the process of genetic decay which began in Genesis 3 at the fall of man.

October 13th

Elliptical planetary orbits with two foci, the earth and the sun

Kepler's Laws are the weakest point of the theoretical foundation of popular science (SciPop). The weakness is that Kepler's laws are derived empirically, but they're applied theoretically.