Purging and Cleansing

The Son of God, through whom all things were made, not only made creation possible but his ongoing role throughout history has been to purge it of all impurity and corruption.

Hydroxyl (OH)

Hydroxyl (OH-) and Hydrogen (H+) form an unstable plasma called water.

If you thought that we had gone off the deep end before, then you should know that the deep end also has a deep end. We're combining the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ with Chemistry and Physics.

Tares Among Wheat

The purpose of creation is to give life with free will to all souls. God created companions to fellowship with, but he is not going to force anyone to spend eternity with him. You have the free will to choose.

March 11th

Sunlight filtering throught leave of a knarled tree in the fall

We (that's me and the Holy spirit) use deductive reasoning to resolve supposed conflicts between the Bible and what people refer to as "science" but which we've isolated and identified to be THE NARRATIVE (SciPop).

February 20th

Gravity is the force by which creation is being purified. It lets us reconcile physics, chemistry and biology with the broad narrative of scripture and the concepts of baptism, refinement and cleansing.

January 11th

Chemically, Hydroxyl (OH) is a cleaning agent. For what purpose was Christ begotten? Our cleansing. Cleansing goes with the concepts of purification, refinement and sanctification.