Principia Mathematica

Some time ago while studying Newton's Principia Mathematica it struck us that it would be funny and ironic to write a parody called Principia Mattymatica, the Mattymatical principles of natural theology.

The Power of the Grave

The power of the grave is Mosaic gravity (M), the downward pull towards the center of the Earth. M is increasing because of a continual influx of pG. This is why hell is expanding and we're experiencing global warming.

States of Being

When we take our last breath it's not the end of existence. We continue to be conscious, aware of our environment and external stimuli. Our soul is a gravity node which continues in one of two states after our body dies.

No Condemnation

We (that's me and the Holy spirit) find a clear statement of the mode of action of gravity, as it pertains to the plan of redemption and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, in Romans chapter 8.