What’s a Tarheel?

In the fall of 1990 we began the graduate program in Plant Biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. On our first day we were shown around Coker Hall by a senior graduate student

Occam’s Delusion

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We've demonstrated that Occam's razor is a philosophical train wreck by comparing the assumptions necessary in heliocentric vs. geocentrospheric cosmologies and through the improbability of the origin of species by evolution.

A Blood-Soul Connection?

When God breathed life into Adam he became a living soul, so there's a connection between the life and the blood, which is why the Children of Israel and the early Church had prohibitions on eating blood or meat with blood in it.

July 23rd

Occam's razor is a philosophical train wreck which has been used to delude people into believing hypotheses which are vastly more complex than their competitors.

January 19th

We're going to pin down a way to refer to two major opposing ideologies. You've heard them referred to as science vs. religion, science vs. faith, fact vs. faith for example.