Matty’s Razor

The idea that evidence is neutral and we all have access to it is known as Matty's Razor. Evidence doesn't lead to a conclusion, it just is. How we interpret evidence is determined by what we believe. It's called cognitive bias.

The New Scientific Knowledge

Knowledge and facts are things which ought to be true regardless of what we believe about God or the origin of the universe. Therefore, something which is only true in the popular science paradigm (SciPop) isn't knowledge.


Current popular science (SciPop) propaganda is that "faith is belief without evidence." However we all have the same evidence (Matty's razor) so the meme fails as a definition of faith.

June 3rd

The soul encompasses the aspects of heart, soul and mind: our self-awareness. The mind gives us grief, sorrow and knowledge of the law: all things that require understanding.