The Parable of the Sower

The parable of the sower used to be a source of waking dread for us. You may be familiar with it. Jesus explained it to his disciples but it's not the parable that scares us, it's how Jesus explained the parable.


Matty's Paradigm is huge and complex, but don't worry, it's not necessary for salvation. What you believe about the Bible and science doesn't effect salvation. There's no quiz or exam.

December 29th

If Jesus is coming quickly then what are we doing to get ready? Someone is supposed to be clearing the way, flattening the hills, straightening the curves and making the rough places smooth.

May 5th

Receive the truth of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and be set free. Let down your heavy burden and rest. Let's worship the Lord, celebrate the beauty of His creation, and study dragons!

January 4th

The Holy Trinity consists of two separate individuals who conceived to beget a third. Before creation began there were two elemental particles which fused to make a third. Coincidence?

January 1st

A high-magnification water splash

Welcome to WHY? A year-long daily devotional. We’ll use the testimony of scripture, physical evidence and empirical observations to solve the riddle: WHY did God create the universe?