Deep Calls to Deep

We're going to ignore the possibility that Psalms 42:7 is flowery poetic language intended to teach us something spiritual. Instead we're going to use it as the description of a hydrological system in a test of Hypothesis 22.


Dolphin looks like it's smiling

Axiom (law): a statement or proposition that is regarded as being 1) established, 2) accepted, or 3) self-evidently true. The law in physics is actually same as axiom in mathematics.

The Fall and Decay

The world was created in a corrupt state as a means to manifest free will. The Lord maintained the creation in a stable condition until the first act of disobedience. At that time he withdrew his physical presence fro the Earth.

Climate Change

Since Noah's flood there's been a continual net loss of ice on Earth. What physical cause could lead to climate instability as we see in the Bible and which we're experiencing today?

Cursed Earth

Given the context of our core accretion model and the evidence of the destruction and decay of planet Earth we may deduce that the curse that God placed upon the ground was nuclear decay.

The Original Sin

The original sin is the reason why God cursed the Earth, but it isn't the reason for why the creation is in a fallen state. This is something that a lot of people haven't grasped. How can the two things be different?