The Heliopause

In popular science (SciPop) the reason why we can detect a distant brightness is because opposing forces, the solar wind pushing out and interstellar forces pushing in, cause glowing Hydrogen to accumulate, like foam on a beach.

The Second Heaven

Most of the space between the firmament and Earth is the cosmos or observable universe. There's something very odd about the cosmos: there's a disconnect between what we can see vs. what we believe about it.

The First Heaven

blue sky with clouds and rainbow

Part of the space between the firmament and Earth is the area in contact with the Earth that we call the atmosphere, or sky. This is where the birds fly. It's referred to as the open firmament.

Transparent Gold

How do we know that the next life is constructed from a series of elements which we have no earthly counterparts for? It's not possible to make gold pure enough that it becomes transparent like glass.

Not Just any Oxygen

In the particle trinity which we deduced from the first two verses of Genesis, the Holy Spirit is Omega, Oxygen. However, the Holy Spirit can't be just any Oxygen, or everyone would be filled with the Holy Spirit all the time.

Alpha and Omega

Hydroxyl (OH-) and Hydrogen (H+) form an unstable plasma called water.

The Lord Jesus refers to Himself as the Alpha and the Omega. There's more than one way to understand this, but it's possible to use deduction to ascertain which is the correct one.