When asteroids approach the Earth they're at perigeon. You've heard of perihelion, we need a new word. We're going to coin a word to express the concept of perihelion, but proximity to the Earth (geo), not the sun.


There's an nearly daily onslaught of articles warning us about asteroids approaching planet Earth. They have one thing in common: Kepler's Laws. The orbits NASA has plotted for these asteroids are proof of 2 things:

Let the Earth be Moved

We, that's me and the Holy spirit, look to Isaiah, the prophets, and Revelation but there's an older reference to the Earth being moved and shaken and the Lord ruling from his Holy mountain high above the people: Psalm 99.

November 19th

The expansion of hell will cause the conditions on the earth to become worse than we have imagined possible. Hell is not going away until after the Millennial Kingdom, therefore we have to be insulated from it.