Hypothesis 10

IF nuclear decay isn't constant, AND an initial burst of radiation caused the core of the Earth to melt, THEN material from the lower mantle will melt and fall into the molten core which is why it's expanding.

Cursed is the Ground

When God cursed the Earth the nuclear decay began. God's physical presence was the power that maintained matter in a stable condition. God can't tolerate sin, so when sin entered the world he withdrew his presence.

Only Half a Life?

worried girl in summer dress on train platform

What do you really want out of life? Do you want to fool yourself with SciPop that there's no hell so that you can live this fraught and miserable existence and end up in it?

July 30th

The fourth axiom of popular science (SciPop) is "nuclear decay has always been constant." It's wishful thinking, a way to induce a rationalization of radiometric data to make rocks look older than they really are.