Be not Shaken in Mind

We're gathering up a few thoughts and words of encouragement for those of us who experience a lot of solitude. Spirits can trouble your mind. Don't let them. Let your kidneys handle it. Be settled in heart.

The Midst of my Body

Daniel was visited by a spirit and saw a vision. The spirit was inhaled, dissolved in the blood, circulated to his brain, delivered its message directly into his visual cortex, then was filtered out by his kidneys.

He Had by the Spirit

Slow-motion incense smoke.

God has a way of translating this information into a volatile compound or class of compounds. This manifests as a cloud of invisible vapor which maintains its integrity through the action of a gravity node.

Spirits and Gravity

Even though it's logical there is nothing in the Bible that expressly states that spirits have souls, but that's what we're going to dig down to and it's a meaning which we can bring out of the text.

Biblical Exposition

We're not building a doctrine upon one verse of scripture. The doctrine has already been built, with an extensively documented process of deductive logic. What we're doing is using our doctrine to understand a passage.

June 17th

Spirits are a mode of action of God's will. We lay out a possible mechanism for how spirits can influence and guide us which combines the gravitational physics of relativity with physiology and metabolism.