Sinners Shall be Converted

Then I will teach transgressors Your ways, And sinners shall be converted to You.

(Psalms 51:13) NKJV

When we give the desire to know God preeminence in our life our heart will be purified. We believe in Jesus Christ and get saved, but that’s only the beginning. Continually seeking the Lord as an ongoing imperative purifies our heart. Then the pure in heart will see the Lord. The more of the Lord that we seek, then the more of the Lord we will know.

At that time we’ll be able to bear witness of the Lord to others. That’s when we start sowing seeds and watering so that there will be fruit to our account.

It’s not enough to tell people that they need to be saved. Most people will ask: saved from what? We need to show people why they need to be saved, and from what. Hell is expanding, it’s the cause of global warming. Believing in Jesus Christ is the only way to escape it. It’s not a joke. The expansion of hell is a predictive testable hypothesis using ocean water warming data.

Heart and soul make us unique, they drive and motivate us. Hopefully we’re motivated to seek the Lord, that’s really what were here for.

Use the navigation table below to find out more about heart and soul.

A Clean Heart – Navigation

1IntroductionPsalms 51:10-12
2Into the HeartJohn 13:27
John 13:2
3Spiritual PossessionLuke 7:21
4Heart ConditionJeremiah 11:8
Jeremiah 17:9
5Out of the HeartMatthew 15:19
6A Pure HeartMatthew 5:8
Psalms 73:1
Psalms 24:3-4
7Prepare Your HeartJeremiah 17:10
Acts 16:16-18
8Sinners Shall be ConvertedPsalms 51:13
9SalvationRomans 10:9-10
– Navigate your way to a clean heart.

June 7 (18) – A Clean Heart

The condition of our heart reflects the condition of our relationship with God. It’s manifested both spiritually and physically. God is good to them that have a clean heart, so how do we make our heart clean?

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