Seasons and Weather

Presented as proof of heliocentricity.

Seasons happen on the earth. They are inherently Geocentrospheric.

Weather happens on earth. It is inherently Geocentrospheric.

Seasons happen because the sun has a helical spiral orbit that progresses toward the South pole for six months, then back towards the North pole for six months. This is empirically observed as the sun changes position in the sky every day throughout the course of one year. In fact, the year is measured as the number of days that it takes to complete this cycle.

The Greek word for the sun is Helios, meaning, helical.

Since this entire annual cycle is observed from the earth is it empirically Geocentrospheric.

In the heliocentric system this phenomenon has to be accounted for by saying that the earth rotates daily on an axis tilted by 23.5°. This is theoretical, it is not observed.

This is not proof of heliocentricity.

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