Hypothesis 11

There are 2 testable hypotheses that are possible from the starting point of Malachi 3:10: 1. The hypothesis, 2. the null-hypothesis.

Tithes and Offerings

It may seem like an odd departure from our discussion of the war in heaven to bring up tithes and offerings, but it may be an important clue. Why a tithe, 10%? What's the significance of this number?

Malachi 3:10 vs. Luke 4:12

We presented atheist science trolls (ASTs) with a way to get the proof of God that they demand. We put it in terms of a testable hypothesis for the existence of God. It's Hypothesis 11, based on Malachi 3:10.

January 6th

Non-believers frequently demand proof of God, and insist that absence of said proof is proof of the absence of said God. This proof is available, you may have proof of God any time you want.