The Second Heaven

Most of the space between the firmament and Earth is the cosmos or observable universe. There's something very odd about the cosmos: there's a disconnect between what we can see vs. what we believe about it.

The Space Narrative

The peer review driven popular science space narrative (SciPop) starts with the premise that the Bible is wrong and the Earth is billions of years old. It continues with the idea that stars are distant suns and galaxies.


We have to take a step back and remember that we are on popular science turf (SciPop) when we start talking in their terms about the cosmos. SciPop wants you to believe that the stars are distant suns and galaxies.

Riding the Heavens

The idea that God or his agents may physically visit the Earth by riding on a piece of heaven may seem ridiculous. However it appears that a section of firmament is used like an elevator to travel between heaven and Earth.

The Role of Synonymy

Synonymy has primary and secondary roles. The primary is to make it seem as if the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy is impossible. In which case, if the Bible is the inerrant word of an omnipotent God, it's a fraud.

DPMS – Axiom III

Since the time of Galileo the words star and sun have been used as synonyms. Synonymy is one of the ruling atheist deities. It's how popular science (SciPop) gets you to believe that the Earth is insignificant.