Time no Longer

How could there be no night in the new Jerusalem for ever and ever but, at the same time, day and night in the lake of fire for ever and ever? Physics and our unified theory of everything resolve this perfectly.

Transparent Gold

How do we know that the next life is constructed from a series of elements which we have no earthly counterparts for? It's not possible to make gold pure enough that it becomes transparent like glass.

Left Behind

The Left Behind books and movies are an example of gross mis-handling of scripture. Christians are taught that anyone left behind has lost their opportunity to repent and escape the judgement of God.

Sun and Moon

The Millennial Kingdom will have a sun and moon, although the sun will be a dim glimmer compared to what it is now. The majority of the light in the Millennial Kingdom will be the glory of the Lord who now inhabits Jerusalem.


Mercury may the planet killing meteorite Wormwood. Mercury/Wormwood will impact Earth during the tribulation, setting off a chain of events which will lead to another major upheaval. This is in the daily devotional for November.

Eternal Torment

The eternal torment referred to by the Bible doesn't take place in hell, which is temporarily in the center of the Earth, there's another location: a lake of fire and brimstone in outer darkness.