An old deisel train engine with the number 1687

The scholium is 1. a marginal annotation or comment (as on the text of a classic by an early grammarian), 2. a remark or observation subjoined but not essential to a demonstration or a train of reasoning.

Worlds in Collision

"Worlds in Collision" is the title of a book by Immanuel Velikovsky in which he proposes, among other things, that the plagues of the Exodus were caused by successive close approaches to Earth by the planet Venus.

Matty’s Razor

The idea that evidence is neutral and we all have access to it is known as Matty's Razor. Evidence doesn't lead to a conclusion, it just is. How we interpret evidence is determined by what we believe. It's called cognitive bias.

October 9th

As odd as this may sound the Bible contains an extensively developed doctrine of gravity. It includes the nature of the soul, a core accretion model of planet formation and the plan of redemption.

April 23rd

You may have heard news that the first ever picture of a black hole has been.... what's the word? constructed? contrived? concocted? fudged? faked? Made up? Take your pick.

April 12th

Despite the self-evident truth of empirical observations, science promotes a rationalization for them that has no physical cause. It is not a testable hypothesis. Science is unscientific.