Hypothesis 14

The first axiom of popular science (SciPop) is There's a causal relationship between space-time and gravity. It's Newton's law of universal gravitation. Dark matter is a major deity in the atheist pantheon assigned to defend this axiom.

The Narrative of Dark Matter

Dark matter doesn't exist anywhere outside the popular science paradigm (SciPop). It's not a fact. Its existence is desired because the alternative is a firmament on the edge of space which is incompatible with the SciPop narrative.

Dark Matter Isn’t

After repeated failed attempts to detect Dark Matter, whoever comes up with an explanation of why we can't detect them, which can be seamlessly interwoven with the scientific narrative of godless existence, will get a Nobel Prize.

January 24th

We (that's me and the Holy spirit) resolved the Holy Trinity with particle physics and we can now calculate the mass of the observable universe as a portion of the total mass of the universe.