God is a Spirit

Slow-motion incense smoke.

God is a spirit doesn't mean that God is mystical and undefined, it means His physical nature is that of a vapor. However, God is more than just a Spirit so it's accurate to say that God has a Spirit.

Men are from Earth

God wants to show us his greatness because he cares about what we think. A man shows off to a woman because he wants her to love him. God wants us to love him. What's the point of any of this is there's no love?

June 24th

Our spherogenetic systematic approach allows us to deduce that women were created in heaven on the fourth day, men were created on Earth on the sixth day. A sample of DNA was taken from Adam to ensure compatibility.

May 2nd

When the Bible refers to something that hath life, it is referring to an entity which has a spirit and a soul. It is not equivalent to the biological definition of life.

March 13th

The Hebrews had a well developed idea of life after death. For them death, the grave, was a portal into a complex underworld realm. The grave is just the beginning of what happens next.