Hypothesis 31

Educational poster diagram of Bowen's reaction series.

The core accretion model (Hypothesis 1) may be expanded to include the formation of a second series of strata which became the firmament, a sphere of rigid crystal on the edge of space.

How Do Astronomers Actually Find Exoplanets?

By Joseph Strombergsmithsonian.comMarch 19, 2014 Read original article here. Finding exoplanets starts with choosing to believe that they exist. Inductive reasoning, where you use your premise to supply evidence for your conclusion, does the rest. A handful of ingenious methods have been used to detect the planets too far away for us to see. A …

April 26th

The worldwide network of telescopes used by mainstream science (SciPop) to image M87* have constructed a picture of a piece of Obsidian glass approximately 11 feet wide at a distance of 17,364 light years.