Creationism #EpicFail 1

Comparison of Earth before and after Peleg's tectonics.

We believe that God can't lie. Let's face it, why would anyone believe a God who lies? The Bible has an extensively developed doctrine of hell which allows us to deduce the internal structure of the Earth.

The Days Before Noah

The longsuffering of God waited in the days before Noah. Noah's flood saw the waters of the deep (tehom), being boiled out from under the Earth creating the open space that Jesus referred to as the great gulf (sheol).

September 22nd

Popular science (SciPop) wants you to believe in an extraterrestrial impact when a meteor hit the Earth. Amos saw it coming. Uzziah tried to stop it. Isaiah began his prophetic ministry standing in its smoking ruins.

November 25th

Zechariah chapter 14 is like a backbone. It lays out a transition from the tribulation to the Millennial Kingdom and we can add other passages of scripture which spread out from it like ribs to give us more detail.