Hypothesis 38

Was Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, putting in motion a sequence of events which brings us into congruence with Biblical prophecy about the tribulation, made because of Matty’s Paradigm?


The study of P and S-waves led to the development of the current theory of the internal structure of the Earth. A theory that just happens to be missing something rather important: hell.


S-waves, secondary or shear waves, travel through the Earth's crust and mantle, they can only propagate through solid material. Shear forces don't exist in liquids or gas.

July 9th

Cutaway of planet earth showing hell at the center

P-waves propagate through gas giving no reason why the area that mainstream science (SciPop) calls the liquid outer core can't be open space. Jesus describes it in Luke 16 so there's open space in the interior of the Earth.