I Am the Light of Life

On the 7th day God rested from his work of creating. This may have been the last time that the world could have been described as very good. It was the peace before the storm. Tomorrow we begin to look at what happens next.

This Present Evil Age

The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything: God created the universe so that sentient beings with free will could make a choice between light or darkness, life or death.

What Fell First?

Matty's Paradigm a unified theory of everything

How could a corrupted world be described as very good, or perfect? Perfect means lacking nothing. The corrupted universe lacked nothing. It was perfectly suited to carry out its purpose.

June 30th

Let's be very clear about a key aspect of the Matty's Paradigm premise: The fall of man isn't the fall of creation: the universe was created in a fallen state, the fall of man was when Adam and Eve realized the truth.