Evidence for Synonymy

Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

(2 Timothy 3:7) KJV

We’re making the claim that stars aren’t distant suns and galaxies. That’s Galileo’s bluff. The stars are fragments, and swirls of fragments, of reflective rock in the Kuiper and asteroid belts.

We refer to it as unknown luminous material (ULM) but we believe that most of it is crystalline firmament material (CFM).

Crystalline firmament material (CFM) are fragments of layered crystal, including sapphire, ruby and diamond, that occupy the Kuiper and asteroid belts. They make up a large proportion of what we call the stars.

– Crystalline Firmament Material (CFM), definition

If this is the case then, with today’s advanced telescopes, we would expect to see evidence of it. We do. However, the evidence has been collected, interpreted and synthesized into a narrative which is compatible with the Star Trek universe. It’s called popular science (SciPop) and it’s in the hands of people who think that the Star Trek universe is real.

It’s important to realize that scientific evidence isn’t evidence. It is an interpretation of evidence which has been tailored to fit the SciPop narrative, in this case, Star Trek. Technically speaking scientific evidence is a secondary source. We need to look at the primary sources of evidence, before the Trekkies put their spin on it.

We also have to consider what the Bible teaches us about something called the firmament. We believe that the firmament is a rigid crystalline structure on the edge of space and that on the 4th day the creation of the sun caused the inner layers to slough off and fragment. This led to the distribution of stars that we see.

Crystal Forms and Properties

LayerNameCrystal SystemMohs
12Amethyst (Quartz)Trigonal72.651650
11Jacinth (Zircon)Tetragonal7.54.6 – 4.72200 – 2250
10ChrysoprasusCryptocrystalline6 – 73.97 – 43265
9TopazOrthorhombic83.49 – 3.571000
8BerylHexagonal7.5 – 82.761287
7Chrysolite (Peridot)Orthorhombic6.5 – 73.2 – 4.31400
6Sardius (Carnelian)Trigonal6 – 72.59 – 2.611650
5Sardonyx (Onyx)Trigonal6.5 – 72.55 – 2.71650
4EmeraldHexagonal7.5 – 82.762570
3ChalcedonyTrigonal or monoclinic6 – 72.59 – 2.611650
2SapphireTrigonal94.0 – 4.12030 – 2050
1Jasper2.5 – 2.91200
0ObsidianAmorphous5 – 62.4700 – 900
-2RubyTrigonal93.97 – 4.052000
-3SapphireTrigonal94.0 – 4.12030 – 2050

We make the case that the stars are pieces of reflective material in Hypothesis 30 and incorporate popular science news sources which show that rubies and sapphires, a huge diamond in space and giant mirrors in space are all being documented. In Hypothesis 31 we speculate that the distribution of crystal forms in the firmament is the origin of Bowen’s Reaction Series.

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