“Not everyone can accept this saying,” he replied, “except those to whom celibacy has been granted, because some men are celibate from birth, while some are celibate because they have been made that way by others. Still others are celibate because they have made themselves that way for the sake of the kingdom from heaven. Let anyone accept this who can.”

(Matthew 19:11-12) New International Version

Gender is possibly the most dangerous and misunderstood issue of our time. Let’s see if we, that’s me and the Holy spirit, can apply deductive logic and find God’s will for how we handle it.

This issue is personal for us for a simple reason. Whether or not you agree with anything we say, this work blows away everything which has gone before it by showing that a perfect harmonization of science with the Bible is possible. We show that particle physics and a theory of gravity are interwoven with God’s plan of redemption and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Here’s the thing: We’ve been able to do this work in large part because of our education. The most important opportunity that we were ever given was being accepted into a Ph.D. program in Biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1990.

That opportunity was given to us by a gay man.

There, and at Duke University, we were taught the philosophy of science and the scientific method so well that we discovered its inherent flaw: it’s reprobate, based on reversing the relationship between cause and effect. So, If you believe that gays and lesbians can’t be part of God’s plan, then you may not know God as well as you think you do.

Contention So Sharp

The sermon that got me kicked out of a church.

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