Biblio’s Blood

Could a conscious machine be born again?

What if it were transgender?

A Christian dystopian romance SciFi serial novel set in Salt Lake City at the end of days. With a cast of characters that includes a passing maniac, Super Hero wannabe, a baritone mainframe, repentant warbot and a homicidal elevator.

Biblio’s Blood is about the human soul and what happens to it after we die. There’s a place called hell at the center of the Earth where all souls are destined to go unless they call upon the name of Jesus Christ.

You don’t want to believe it, but you know it’s true.

Biblio’s Blood is set in the Biblically accurate world of Matty’s Paradigm where there really is a hell, but more importantly, there really is a heaven.

Biblio’s Blood

1We’re introduced to Carlton Feathers, a procrastinator who hasn’t registered for World Monetary Union or received his barcode tattoo. We also learn that this is the fulfillment of an ancient Biblical prophecy.