Relative Dates

Since there's no positive proof that nuclear decay rates have always been constant popular science (SciPop) depends on a negative result to a flawed hypothesis. When you've got nothing, you've got nothing to loose.

Absolute Dates

Radiometric dating has been contrived in such a way as to make it look as if the "dates" it calculates for rocks are absolute. Absolute means that the dates are separated on a timescale which is known.


Cutaway of planet Earth showing the crust, mantle, great gulf and hell.

Hell is the default outcome. The entire world is going to be destroyed. God has offered us a ticket off this doomed rock to be with him for eternity in a new heaven. All we have to do is believe in Jesus Christ.

Hypothesis 10

IF nuclear decay isn't constant, AND an initial burst of radiation caused the core of the Earth to melt, THEN material from the lower mantle will melt and fall into the molten core which is why it's expanding.

Nuclear Decay

It's impossible to prove that radioisotopes have always decayed at a constant rate throughout history, since the ability to detect and measure radioactive decay is only about 120 years old.

Cursed is the Ground

When God cursed the Earth the nuclear decay began. God's physical presence was the power that maintained matter in a stable condition. God can't tolerate sin, so when sin entered the world he withdrew his presence.

Argument from Ignorance

Popular science (SciPop) doesn't have any positive confirmation for the hypothesis that nuclear decay rates have always been constant. What's a paradigm to do in a situation like this? Go for negative confirmation.